Tools That Will Make You Cook Like a Trained Chef

I know many folks that say, "I'll cook chicken to death to ensure it's done, and the chicken was too done".  Or "I over cooked my steaks this weekend".  I've also heard, "I don't want to make someone sick".  With the tools outlined below, you'll not say any of the above statements any longer!  

ThermoWorks company makes a wide array of temperature sensing devices for the backyard cook and for food service use.  In my arsenal, I use a Thermapen and ThermoPop.  For low and slow cooks on the Big Green Egg, I use a ThermoWorks Smoke for wireless monitoring of meat and pit temperatures (stay tuned for a Smoke review).  You'll see me reference these items in many of my posts and YouTube videos.  

The Thermapen or ThermoPop are great tools that will make cooking meats and any other items a breeze!  

Here is a ribeye that was cooked to perfection at medium rare:  

Here is a useful doneness charts for you to use in the future: 

For all of ThermoWorks products, click HERE or at the link:

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