Sous Vide Split Chicken Breast Finished on the Blackstone 36" Griddle

Sous vide cooking technique has taken off lately.  It has been around for sometime, but becoming more popular than previous years.

I took the plunge about a year and a half ago, and it has been a great investment.  For those people that are busy, sous vide (I will also note SV for short) can certainly help bring tasty food to the table, consistently.  

For this simple cook, I took some split chicken breast that was on sale for $.99 last week, seasoned them (see ingredients below), bagged them in a ziplock bag, placed in the water bath at 145° for about 2 hours.  

After the two hours, I removed the breast from the bag (SAVE THOSE JUICES!!!), pat dry with a paper towel, season just a little more (careful not to over season, but needs some as the previous season could have fallen off in the bag), then on to the Blackstone for a quick sear.  The Blackstone step is only for color really.  One can eat right out of the bag.  

The juices that you saved (or just keep the bag with juices in it until ready to cook), place in a sauce pan and place on the stove top.  I bring to a slight simmer and reduce some.  Then I add around a tablespoon of butter to those juices, just for some richness and coating reasons.  I'll use this sauce as a finish sauce on the chicken when serving.  You will find out, I like a sauce for the meat.  I just feel it helps layer more flavor, and I love flavor!


1 part salt
1 part pepper
1/2 part garlic powder
1/2 part onion powder
Lemon zest or can use lemon pepper and not much pepper above.

Apply liberally over chicken breast.  Make sure you get under the skin very well. 

Now for some pictures.

I enjoy my SV chicken at 145°.  I took these out around the two hour mark.

After I removed, I dried the outside, ready for a sear.  

Season a little more, but not too much.  

Fired the Blackstone 36" griddle up on high for the sear.  

After about a minute or two on each side, they have a nice color to them now.

Saving the juices from the bags.  Place in a sauce pan to reduce some and add butter for richness and flavor.  Umm, butter.  

Removed off the bone, and sliced up to serve.  

Want to get into sous vide?  Here's a link for the Anova unit I have:

Want a Blackstone griddle too?  Here's the one I have:

Shun knives are my favorite.  They're razor sharp.  This is the one I have:

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