Big Green Egg

Those that know me, know that I have a passion for cooking.  I also have a passion for cooking on my grills.  I used to grill all the time, because, well, that is what men do.  I had a gas burner stainless steel, four burner grill that even had a built in rotisserie.  I had been hearing about Green Egg this and Green Egg that.  Then I started lusting after them.  I started reading about them.  I felt like a stalker.  Every dealer I would go to, I would check them out, but never buy one.  I finally gained the courage up to get my first one.  It was a large model.

Fast forward a little over a year and was given an opportunity to get another one.  A medium one.  I jump on it like a puma on a peacock.  The struggle is real folks.  These things are addicting to say the least.  If you get one, you want another.

Here is my lineup.  Still looking for a home for the new medium.

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