Easy Personal Pizzas

This recipe is about as easy as it gets.  Those that have kids (or really anyone wanting an easy meal) will love this and will keep on their rotation of meals throughout the week. The good thing is each person can have their own pizza.

This quick pizza uses naan bread as a base so you don't have to buy dough or make your own.  They taste great, especially when all the pizza toppings are on it!  

Right, so you're wondering, what the heck is naan.  You can find naan bread about anywhere.  Even in our dinky city of Thomasville.  I get them in the bakery section.  I actually picked these up at Harris Teeter.  They were on sale and well, I like sales.  I also like Harris Teeter.  That's another subject though.  

The process, what is the process.... 

The naan and toppings used

1 - Place desired amount of naan bread on a baking sheet.  

2 - Take some jarred pizza sauce and slather on the naan.  I start in the middle and go in circles to the outer edge, because that's the way I roll.  

3 - I then apply cheese (mozzarella).  

4 - Then apply toppings.  I forgot to get a shot of this on the counter.  These are the pizzas going into the oven.  

5 - Then I apply more cheese (I am cheesy, so I like my pizzas the same).  

6 - Place in the oven at 400° for roughly 10 mins or until your desired doneness of toppings/cheese.  

7 - Serve and enjoy! 

Ingredients used: 

2 packages of naan bread (4 pieces of bread total)
1 jarred pizza sauce
1 package fresh mozzarella (I had some on hand that I used up)
2 packages of shredded mozzarella
Fresh tomato
Fresh basil
Red onion
Canadian bacon
Banana peppers
Parmesan cheese

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