Cooking and Grilling Accessories

Blackstone Griddle 36" Griddle 


ThermoWorks Thermapen Mk4

Shun Knives (This is the one I use)

Michigan Maple Chopping Block - I love this board.  Performs well, keeps my knifes sharp, and less than a Boos!  

Anova Sous Vide - This is one great tool that I didn't think I would EVER get or use.  However, it gets used a lot!  

Gloves - Best for handling meats, detailing cars, or whatever you need to keep your hands clean with.  Nice and thick.  

We love making waffles.  Had a cheap one at one time and was worth a hill of beans.  This one has done very well.  

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  1. Black Friday at Costco they always have 8 dollars off of boneless pork loin. We got one at a great price. What is a good seasoning to cook the chops on my new flat top grill?


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